Amazing Luxury Estate in Woodside, California

A home is always irresistible when it’s setting is exquisite. Perfectly fitting into the “irresistible” category is this luxury estate in Woodside, California. It is set in a gorgeous Californian landscape, surrounded by hills, tall trees and a lush vegetation. It includes almost four acres of award winning landscaping, and it has a private entry to a 1,000-acre country park.

The main residence itself is also a stunner. It features 4 bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, and a mind boggling number of luxury amenities. The interiors are at the same time elegant, cozy and welcoming, with a pleasant mix of classic and modern features.

Totaling approximately 14,000 square feet of space, the luxury house includes a home cinema with seating for 15 people, a fully-equipped gym, a wine cellar with enough space for 13,200 bottles to be stored in perfect conditions, 7-car garages, an elevator, a dumb waiter, computer controlled lighting, security, heating, and many more amenities. The price is reflective of its exquisiteness: $39,500,000.

By : 24 Jul 2012
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