Adidas Creates A Laceless Football Boot

Adidas has dedicated itself to pushing boundaries as far as football equipment is concerned, particularly when it comes to football cleats. The company’s newest addition comes in the form of the ACE 16+ PureControl FG, which will soon be known as the best laceless football cleat available on the market. Featuring a thermoplastic polyurethane cage instead of basic laces, this cleat promises improve ball control while providing exceptional comfort.

Adidas Creates A Laceless Football Boot (2)

As far as looks are concerned, there’s nothing to complain about, as the first colorway is based on a green upper hit complemented by red pull tabs and black three-stripe banding across the side panels. These new Adidas cleats are very limited right now, and they can be purchased only through the brand’s own website for $300.

Adidas Creates A Laceless Football Boot (1)

By : 21 Jan 2016
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