A-HSV Transforms a Dream into Reality

The future is here. We can travel faster, safer and more comfortable. Hassell, a well-known design studio, has created the Australian High Speed Vehicle (A-HSV), an alternative low-carbon, safe mode of transport.

Designed both for commuting and traveling, the double-decker train offers space, open plan commuter seating and comfort. For business meetings or luxury travelers the train is designed to have private berths. Dinning and shopping will also be possible; the dining/lounge bar and convenience store will provide everything you need until you reach your destination.

Traveling at 400km per hour, the A-HSV will provide shorter travel times in the Australian capital as well as in regional cities, affordability and will be the perfect solution to avoid traffic jams, almost removing the need for other means of transportation.

A-HSV Transforms a Dream into Reality (8) 

By : 6 Jun 2011
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