£33,000 Spent on Dog’s Dream Wedding

If the dog is man’s best friend, why not give it what it is worth? The ‘worth’ issue is up to the dog’s possessor. For Louise Harris, her beloved pet Lola fully deserved a £33,000 queen-like wedding and of course a custom-made tiara which was only £660. As expected Louise had a matching tiara, both designed by Latimer Couture. Made of genuine silver and set with Swarovski crystals they matched perfectly with the £1000 wedding dress, also customized with 1,800 Swarovski crystals and the £400 pearl necklace. As if this was not enough, £4000 was spent on the flowers, balloons and decorations which adorned a mansion in Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex.

All in all Louise spent £33,000 for the magnificent wedding. We are talking big numbers here for such a small dog don’t you think? But who are we to judge how much a dog’s happiness is worth?

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By : 2 Jun 2011
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