2LMX – A New Luxury Watch Brand

After working over a decade as the curator of the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, Arnaud Tellier decided to start a new chapter in his life by creating his own brand of luxury watches. Called “2LMX – ultimate horology”, the company is basically composed of a team of experts who have worked in the watch industry for 15-20 years: a watchmaker, a draftsman, a case maker, a micromechanical operator, a digital industrial idea man, and a website and animate film maker.

This special team’s first creation is this unique timepiece with a bold curvaceous design and a very special interior mechanism. The hours and minutes are displayed on rotating cylinders – a completely novel idea. Inside the unconventionally-shaped case lies a special manufacture caliber with 100 hours of power reserve.

The hand-assembled movement is made of titanium, steel and gold and features ruby jewels. The case will be available in titanium, gold and platinum and the time display will be protected by a anti-reflective, anti-scratch sapphire crystal. The first piece will be ready for delivery in 2012, and 2LMX intends to create a dozen watches every year.

By : 5 Nov 2011
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